Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sandusky is doomed, so what's next for Penn State?

With the Sandusky trial moving swiftly and surely toward a momentous guilty verdict, Penn State now must begin the process of properly addressing the two Sanduskys for posterity.

Jerry Sandusky is getting his day in court, he and his attorney shunning a plea and once again tormenting those alleged victims he abused so many times before.

Thankfully, barring the unforeseeable, Sandusky soon will spend the rest of his life behind bars. And this wretched chapter will close.

For the alleged victims (who will no longer be referred to as "alleged" after the verdict), it will provide a small measure of justice, brought about by their courage to testify. For the rest of us, it will provide a small measure of closure and renewed faith in the justice system.

But where will this leave Penn State, specifically with regard to Sandusky's grand contributions to the school? And what about with regard to acknowledging his decades-long abuse of children?